Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wasn't It Lovely? How could it be 50 years?

I hope everyone had a good time yesterday, I enjoyed it thoroughly!

It was wonderful to see you after 50 years, and I hope we won't wait another 50 to do it again!  :)

Thanks so much to Candy for making the pennants and modeling her uniform, to Marilyn Abramoske for the Memorial board, and Dolores Mueller for the name tags.  Ginny Cook helped Dolores put them together.

The pictures aren't great, but here they are.  If you have any you would like added, please email them to me, and I will get them on if I can.  I know I can't copy a pdf file, so they have to be sent a different way.
I'll add more captions later.

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Thank you Dolores and Lorraine for sending me some pictures!

Good health to you all, and God bless!

Kathy Connolly Miller

You can click on the picture to make it larger.

Do you remember this?

I go to QRA oh pity me, there's not a boy in that damn nunnery.
They let you in and then they lock the door.
I don't know why I ever went there for.
And when vacation time comes rolling round.
I'm going to turn that damn school upside down.
I'm going to drink, smoke, neck and what the heck.
The hell with QRAaaaaaa!

Terry Villani, Ann Granahan Eileen Lawlor, Joanne Massa Ellen Moran and Vicki Franck

Kate Higgins and Maureen O'Bryan

Joanne Massa, Ann Granahan, Rita Courtney, Mary Alyce McCartney

Barbara Brand, Diane Powers, Dolores Mueller, Mary Klarman
Eileen Lawlor,Kathy McMahon,  Candy Newfield, Dolores Mueller, Laura Lofreddo

Marilyn Abramoske, Liz Borroughs, Kathy Gardner, Ellen Hartnett
Mary Klarman, Jean Kollmer, Maryalyce McCartney

Dolores Carson and Claire Corbett
Sandy Foley, Barbara Moran and Vicki Franck
Kate Higgins

Marie Happ, Tish Maher, Sue Dougherty

Sue Dougherty

Kathy McMahon  (I found out that her gdau Molly and my gson Seamus are in the same class at St. Anne's in GC) :)

Barbara Moran, Jane Beckert, Sandy Foley and Ellen Moran

Kathy Gardner, Sandy Foley and Pat Foskett

Cathy Fountain and Cathy Bell

Ginny Cook, Dolores Carson, LuAnn Coyle,Cathy Bell, Marie Happ, Tish Maher, Sue Porter, Maureen O'Bryan, Claire Corbett

Right to left second row:Marilyn Abramoske, Tish Maher, Marie Happ, Cathy Fountain, Dolores Carson

Second Row: Clare Cooney, Marilyn Finn, Rita Courtney,Mary Alyce McCartney,Margaret Wulf,Kathy Gardner,  Barbara Brand, Candy Newfield,Irene Kubisa,  Mary Ann Brosnan, Kathy McMahon, Lu Ann Coyle

Front row: Fran Dolan, Lorraine Dethlefsen,Ann Granahan, Joann Massa, Laura Loffredo, Sue Dougherty,Jane Beckert 

Candy models for us.

Marie Happ and Dolores Carson

Terry Villani and Dolores

Marie Happ, O.P. is celebrating 50 years as as Dominican , and teaches at St. John the Baptist HS in W.Islip
May their souls rest in peace.

Eileen Lawlor, Tish Maher, Dolores Mueller and Marie Happ

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Menu

As previously mentioned it will be a sit down luncheon.
You will have a choice of Potato Soup and another.
Choice of Encrusted Salmon, Chicken Francaise or Sliced Steak Forestiere.
Roasted Potato and vegetables
Bread basket and butter
Brownie Sundae~  Coffee and Tea
(Ice cream or rice pudding available if you can't do chocolate)

We are in the last room on the left if you come in the front door.  If you park in the back we are the first room on the right.

Looking forward to seeing you, and a safe trip to those who are traveling a distance to get here.

See you Sat. at noon, ends at 4.

If you have any questions contact me

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Here we go...
We are at 47...
1.      Marilyn Abramoske Ferguson                               39.   Marguerite Newfield Byers
2.      Jane Beckert Gould                                               40.   Susan Dougherty Campbell
3.      Barbara Brand Gesmundo                                     41.   Katie Higgins Fogle
4.      Kathleen Connolly Miller                                     42.   Barbara Moran Gerstenlauer
5.      Ginny Cook  Veraszto                                           43.   Ellen Moran Crescenzo
6                  Clare Cooney DuBois                                           44.   Mary Ann Brosnan Williams
7.      Rita Courtney Keane                                            45.   Claire Corbett Mason.
8.      Lue-Ann Coyle Corte-Gabbay                             46 .   Joann Massa
9.      Lorraine Dethlefsen Morra                                   47.   Ann Granahan
10.   Marilyn Finn Knepple
11.   Sandy Foley Kuhbander                         
12.   Pat Foskett Thomas                                              
13.   Vicki Franck Trelewicz
14.   Letitia “Tish” Maher Foisset               
15.   Kathy Gardner Matthews
16.   Eileen Lawlor Culhane
17.   Maryalyce McCartney
18.   Kathy McMahon Connor
19.   Dolores Mueller McCormick
20.   Maureen O’Bryan Albano
21.   Susan Porter Schmidt
22.   Dianne Powers O’Connor
23.   Teresa Villani
24.   Margaret Wulf
25.   Elizabeth Zapp
26.   Sr. Marie Happ
27.   Claire Wagner Stiglic
28.   Jean Kollmer Clifford
29.   Laura Loffredo Gervasi
30.   Irene Kubisa Pascual
31.   Ellen Hartnett Tawson
32. Cathy Bell
33.   Mary Klarmann Conway
34.   Elizabeth Burroughs Ryan
35.   Maureen Clark  Pietschman
36.   Frances Dolan Siren
37.   Dolores Carson Clancy
38.   Carol Hunter Driskill
Check back next weekend for updates and announcements!!