Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meeting for Lunch Dec 4th on Long Island

Hello Ladies,

If anyone is interested in meeting on Wed. Dec 4th for lunch let me know!

When a few of us met the end of Oct., we thought it would be nice to get together again before everyone gets too busy with Christmas.

You can contact me at or my phone number is in the directory you got at the reunion.

Hope you will come, trying to think of a place around Patchogue that would be equidistant for all of us!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, many blessings!

QRAers Met in Fla.

Irene Kubisa, Judy Neville and Jane Beckert met for lunch in Orange Lakes.

 If any of you will be in FL this winter, get in touch with Jane, she would love to see you.

Marilyn Abramoske wrote to say she and Liz Burroughs and Mary Ellen Buckley met last week in NYC for lunch.  She wishes all a very Happy Thanksgiving!
They didn't take a picture, bad girls!  :)