Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hello QRA '63 ers!

Jane has been working very hard on finding our missing classmates.  I was lucky to find Dotty Zockoff today and we had a nice chat.  Just like yesterday instead of 50 years!

I hope she will be joining us, and I hope to connect with Dotty out here on the east end as soon as the summer crowds are gone.

Heard from Susan Dougherty, she lives in CA.
Jane has been in touch with many !

There will be a directory prepared and given out at the reunion.  You will want to come just for that reason!  :)

Here's the list of attendees so far:

1.      Marilyn Abramoske Ferguson                             
2.      Jane Beckert Gould                                               
3.      Barbara Brand Gesmundo                    
4.      Kathleen Connolly Miller                                           
5.      Ginny Cook  Veraszto                                           
6.      Clare Cooney duBois                                            
7.      Rita Courtney Keane                             
8.      Lue Ann Coyle Corte-Gabbay                             
9.      Lorraine Dethlefsen Morra                                 
10.   Marilyn Finn Knepple
11.   Sandy Foley Kuhbander                         
12.   Pat Foskett Thomas                                              
13.   Vicki Franck Trelewicz
14.   Letitia “Tish” Maher                              
15.   Kathy Gardner Matthews
16.   Eileen Lawlor Culhane
17.   Maryalyce McCartney
18.   Kathy McMahon Connor
19.   Dolores Mueller McCormick
20.   Maureen O’Bryan Albano
21.   Susan Porter Schmidt
22.   Dianne Powers O’Connor
23.   Teresa Villani
24.   Margaret Wulf
25.   Elizabeth Zapp
26.   Sr. Marie Happ

27.    Claire Wagner Stiglic
28.      Jean Kollmer Clifford

If you know of anyone who hasn't been contacted please let them know.

As you know, we have room for 50.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!  Can't wait to see you at the reunion.  

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